Bailey to assemble Euro vans in Australia

Since being the first European manufacturer to enter the Australian market in 2010, Bailey have continued to adjust their vans to ensure they offer the local market a caravan that can handle the Australian climate and conditions, whilst continuing to build the lightest caravans in their class.

After the successful release of their fully Australian designed and built caravans (Rangefinder and Coastal). Bailey is now taking the next step in diversifying their range by assembling Bailey UK vans on a specially designed, Australian made chassis at their factory in Melbourne.

Based on the successful ‘Bailey Of Bristol Unicorn IV Pamplona’ design the all new‘Australianised’ Pamplona is being further adjusted by engineers in Melbourne.
Bailey Australia will keep the caravan relatively untouched besides plumbing, electrical, appliances and the specially designed Australian chassis. Ensuring what makes the caravans quintessentially British while adjusting compliance related items.

Bailey Australia recognise that whilst the original Pamplona remains one of the most successful models they have had in their range, there are some limitations in the design. As such the Australian Unicorn IV Pamplona is set to feature:

  • A chassis designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Greater ground clearance
  • Large water tanks – approximately 200ltrs
  • Greater payload capacity
  • A new entrance door

Managing Director, Adrian van Geelen states “the Pamplona was loved by many Australians and the guys in the UK did a wonderful job in design and finish. It’s extremely important to us that this new Aussie Pamplona remains quintessentially British and as such it will look identical to the Unicorn IV with basically the same spec, it must be immediately recognisable as coming from the British stable”.

More than 50 alterations to the original Bailey UK caravans were completed in order to compensate for compliance and practical reasons. In 2016, Bailey took it a step further by being the first European manufacturer to set up shop in Australia in a joint venture which is fully supported by the UK.

Bailey Australia then produced and launched the ‘Rangefinder’ series, the first Australian designed and fully built Bailey caravan, which has been a great success with traditional Australian caravaners seeking to find a larger van with a greater payload capacity and a substantially lighter ATM.

Whilst Bailey are still playing their cards close to their chest on the final specifications, they will launch the new caravan towards the end of 2018.


Unicorn IV – Pamplona Exterior

Unicorn IV – Pamplona Day View

Unicorn IV – Pamplona Night View