Bailey Capricorn

New Bailey Capricorn sucks… literally!

No need to carry a portable vacuum with new in-built option for Rangefinder caravans

Most caravan manufacturers work hard to ensure minimal dust is sucked into the caravan when on the road. However, Bailey Australia has taken a slightly different approach to the problem of dust and debris intrusion by introducing an optional in-built vacuum cleaner on its range of Australian-built Rangerfinder vans.

The Sweepovac from German company Hafele was originally designed for households, making it easier to clear away debris from swept floors. However, it should work just as well in caravans, and Bailey had one fitted just inside the entry door on its latest Capricorn model on display at the Victorian Caravan Supershow.

After sweeping the floor, you simply kick the switch and a powerful suction collects the gathered debris into the unit’s reusable bag, which Hafele says needs replacement every four months depending on usage.

Bailey is promoting the inbuilt dust buster as a first for the Australian RV industry, and it can also be retro-fitted to older Bailey vans. The space-saving device eliminates the need to carry a small portable vacuum or dust pan, although you’ll still need a broom! It’s a $395 option across the Bailey Rangefinder range.

Meanwhile, the new Capricorn layout is an alternative to the traditional Bailey front ‘panorama’ lounge, with an eight-seat club lounge located at the rear and front bedroom up front, separated by doors from the central bathroom/toilet area.

Priced from $73,990, the  22ft 6in (interior length) Capricorn on display was also fitted with another new Rangefinder option: a slide-out kitchen with two-burner gas cooktop, cast iron grille, and plumbed sink for $1950.