Our Story

Strong Foundation

Bailey comes from a strong Heritage of manufacturing caravans & motorhomes in Bristol (UK) for 70 years, making Bailey the UK’s longest established leisure vehicle manufacture. Every 15 minutes a Bailey vehicle rolls off the UK’s fully mechanised production line and 1 in 3 Caravans on the road is a Bailey making it the UK’s best-selling brand.

Small Beginnings

Bailey Caravans have made their way to Australia shores for many years, but in 2010 Bailey started officially importing an specifically designed product into Australia along with authorised agent Bailey Australia.

One Giant Leap

In 2014, Bailey of Bristol had a vision to bring manufacturing to Australia. Since then Bailey now designs, tests and builds Bailey in Victoria, Australia. Ensuring a little bit of European design is in every Bailey, but they are built for Australian conditions.

Bailey Experience Centre

We are redefining how service centres and showrooms should operate to provide a more immersive and personalised experience to our customers. Welcome to the ‘Bailey Experience’.