Unique CAD Bailey Design

To ensure the best fitment and design of our Bailey construction we use industry leading programs to give precision and consistency.

Real World Application

We make sure Bailey caravans can survive harsh conditions and are tested to the Australian climate, so that our customers don’t have to. In 2015, Bailey undertook a mammoth task to cross the centre of Australia at the widest point – from Shark Bay in Western Australia to Byron Bay in New South Wales. The challenge to prove their suitability for the hardest of Australian touring conditions. The 14 day long journey had the Rangefinders cover more than 14,000km in just three weeks.
It was the first time that ANY Australian manufacturer has subjected a new model caravan to such a public endurance test.
This is why Bailey caravans are built to tackle the real world environment.

Endurance Testing

Bailey caravans are tested at the Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC) in Anglesea Victoria. The test facility encompasses majority of driving conditions found in Australia, including a 4.2km hot mixed surface road designed for testing component and vehicle durability. We test the Bailey Caravans on specifically designed gravel and dirt environments to test in-cabin noise, suspension, braking and traction control systems, dust entry and many other aspects of vehicle performance relation to Australian Design Rules (ADR).


Bailey caravans are built with our patented five part fully bonded exterior panel assembly system. This build means Bailey caravans are constructed with a one piece roof, floor and walls that are clamped together with no external fittings, which are lighter, sturdier and have less chance of water ingress. Alu-Tech offers Grade 3 Thermal Insulation, keeping you warm or cool depending on the season. With a Hail Resistant body shell the Bailey Alu-Tech design is built to withstand most environments.